NOTICE – Aquatic Centre Shutdown Extended

The Aquatic Centre shut down has been extended due to more issues identified after the first phase of repairs were completed.  Upon restarting the circulation/filtration system, there was an unusual amount of air in the pipes that resulted in a low flow rate and slow, inadequate filtration of the pool water.  The pool will remain closed until July 4, 2014 at which time an update will be provided and another extension to the closure may be required. 

UBC Aquatic Centre management has been working in consultation with UBC Project Services, AME Consulting, and UBC Building Operations, with Keith Plumbing conducting all repairs.  The following work was completed to date:

  • Leaking flange on main return pipe replaced
  • Proactively replaced the main piping supply
  • New, temporary chlorine room with proper secondary containment and ventilation built so the existing chlorine room can be safely decommissioned
  • New piping and injection pump for chlorine chemical feed installed
  • Electrical interlocks and failsafe flow switches for chemical infusion pumps integrated into the system
  • Valve installed to adequately prime the main circulation pump
  • Additional bleed valves installed at high points to bleed extra air out of the system

 We are committed to having the pool up and running as soon as possible.  UBC Aquatic Centre Management, Project Services, AME Engineer Consulting, Keith Plumbing, and Building Operations are working together to mitigate the existing issues and have the pool operations as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at  The front desk and administration office will be open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm during this closure period.